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Dania Lopez Garcia

Dr. Dania López García  

Dr. Dania López García
Associate Professor
Modern Languages



Having always had a great love and appreciation for language and culture she pursued her studies in Spanish at the University of Texas at Austin. In 1998, she began her post-graduate education at Stanford University, where she received her Master of Arts Degree in Spanish Literature and continued with her doctoral studies. In 2008, she completed her doctoral studies in Spanish with a specialization in Spanish language use in the United States. Her doctoral dissertation is entitled, ¡En esta casa se habla español!: The Role of Language Ideology and Life Choices in Language Maintenance and Language Shift Across Three Generations of a Cuban American Family in the United States. Her areas of interests are sociolinguistics and applied linguistics. She is especially interested in the Spanish of Latinos in the United States and how it is that two languages are developed, used, and maintained by individuals and communities.


Ph.D., Stanford University, 2008
M.A., Stanford University, 1999
B.A, The University of Texas at Austin, 1998

CV/VITAE: López García Vitae

Classes Taught:

SPAN 2313: Basic Bilingual I
SPAN 2318: Basic Spanish to English Translation
SPAN 2321: Hispanic Language & Culture I
SPAN 2322: Hispanic Language & Culture II
SPAN 3303: Advanced Spanish Composition
SPAN 4310: Spanish Phonology & Phonetics
SPAN 4312: Structure of the Spanish Language
SPAN 4317: Spanish is Social Context
SPAN 6313: History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 6380: Special Topics in Hispanic Language & Culture. (Topics include: Issues and Methods in the Teaching of Spanish as a Heritage Language, Dialectology of the Spanish Speaking World, Bilingualism, Language Maintenance and Language Shift)

Joined UTB:


Area of Specialty and Responsibility:

Applied linguistics
Spanish in the US
Spanish pedagogy
The teaching of Spanish to heritage speakers
Academic Administrator of the Department of Modern Languages

Previous Experience:

2004, Adjunct faculty, UTB
1999-2003, Instructor, Stanford University


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