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master of arts in interdisciplinary studies (M.a.i.s)

The M.A.I.S. degree requires a total of 36 semester hours of graduate credit. An area of concentration must have at least 12 and no more than 18 semester hours in the subject area. At least six hours in the area of concentration must be in upper-level (6000) graduate work. In addition, 18-24 hours must be taken in two or more supporting fields outside the area of concentration.

Areas of Concentration: Credit Hours
English, Government, History, Sociology or Spanish... 12-18
Two or more supporting fields 18 -24
Total graduate hours for degree 36

Each student in the M.A.I.S. degree program will be assigned a Faculty Advisor and two additional faculty committee members who teach in Interdisciplinary Studies. Together the student and the committee will choose courses in the concentration area and will select two or more supporting fields. Efforts are made to relate the material studied in one discipline to that studied in another and to encourage students to select courses in mutually supporting fields. A formal Program of Study needs to be prepared and submitted for approval.

As part of their graduate program, students may choose the option of writing a thesis, for which they will receive six hours of graduate credit. Those who take this option must select a thesis committee, composed of a committee chairperson and two other members of the graduate faculty, to approve the topic and to assist in the preparation of the thesis. Students must pass an oral defense of the completed thesis. Students selecting this option will register for INDS 7300 and 7301 after they have completed their coursework.

Supporting Fields
Arts, Biology, Business Administration*, Criminal Justice, Education*, Interpreting, Psychology
All areas of concentration may also be support fields for each other.

* No more than 12 semester hours may be taken from the professionals schools. Each candidate for the M.A.I.S. degree must pass a comprehensive examination over the area of concentration and supporting fields.

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