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What is MIS?

According to the Business Dictionary, MIS is an “organized approach to the study of the information needs of an organization's management at every level in making operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. Its objective is to design and implement procedures, processes, and routines that provide suitably detailed reports in an accurate, consistent, and timely manner.” MIS professionals are responsible for providing the relevant data to all who have the authority to access such data and at the same time thwart the unauthorized use of data.

How to Succeed in MIS?

As an MIS professional you will need the technical skills to collect, store, and analyze information. Teamwork, interpersonal, and communication skills are very important as you will work with various functional areas in the organization to manage data and to keep the information safe and secure. Analytical and managerial skills are also necessary to ensure smooth operations of the IT systems, to develop IT solutions to improve the processes, and help the organization maintain its competitive advantage.​

Career Opportunities in MIS

MIS related jobs mainly include programming, website development, network administration, IT security, data management, and systems analysis. Some MIS graduates become applications developers, games developers, information systems managers, IT consultants, IT sales professionals, IT technical support officers, systems developers, and Technical authors.​

Salary Expectations 

Up-to-date median salary expectations can be found from the Department of Labor Statistics’ Website ( At the time of revising this Website, median salaries for selected jobs were:
  • Computer Systems Analysts - $77,740
  • Database Administrators - $73,490​
  • Computer Programmers - $71,380
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators - $69,160​
  • Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects - $75,660​

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