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Upon graduation, our students will: 

  • think critically;
  • show effective writing skills;
  • demonstrate awareness of ethical responsibility;
  • use information technology appropriately;
  • understand international environments of business;
  • apply quantitative skills for business decision making; and
  • demonstrate knowledge of functional area concepts and theories.

Programs of Study



Accounting and MIS 


Accountants and auditors prepare, analyze, and examine financial reports to ensure their fairness and reliability. Some accountants provide taxation advice and other consulting services to individuals and organizations or work in various capacities in non-for-profit organizations. Others serve as controllers, internal auditors, chief financial officers, and budget analysts.  





Finance is a subject dealing with the allocation and management of financial resources. A degree in finance prepares graduates for rewarding careers at corporations, brokerage firms, banks, credit unions, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and financial planning companies.




Entrepreneurship is the undertaking of the organization, operations, and implicated risks of creating a new business venture with the goal of reaping high profits. For the most part, entrepreneurs are highly motivated individuals that are willing and determined to embark on this venture, making their business successful because they are driven by a vision. Robert L. Schwartz states that an entrepreneur "can visualize something, and when visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen." Because an entrepreneur is self-employed, they oversee the operations of the business by being managers, accountants, and marketers; they do anything it takes in order to make their business thrive in today's competitive environment.  



International business is conducting business on a global scale in order to overcome the saturation of national markets and expand market share. Individuals must be knowledgeable in the basic business activities of finance, business law, accounting, management, and marketing and at the same time understand how factors such as politics, economics, and cultural differences affect these. Because business is done on a global scale, it is essential to have excellent communication skills and be aware of business etiquette of multiple cultures.​


The responsibility of management is to be efficient and effective at administering an organization's human, financial, material and intellectual resources so that they can achieve business goals.  Managers possess strong leadership and communication skills as well as have critical thinking skills which enable them not only to motivate employees but solve problems.  By having an overall knowledge in accounting, managing, marketing, and business law, a manager is competent to make decisions that will have a positive impact on the business.


Marketing encompasses four major processes known as the 4 Ps of Marketing which include: 1) choosing and developing a product, 2) deciding a price for the product, 3) selecting a channel to move the product to the consumer, and 4) promoting the product for sale. By gaining an understanding of consumer behavior marketers become aware of their demands and wants so they can make adjustments as necessary to their product selection. Additionally, they conduct marketing research where they study cultural, social, economic, and environmental factors that can have an effect on product or service development.




More information about the Bachelor of Business Administration: Undergraduate Catalog



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