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Vision Statement

The Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies will offer accredited programs in the areas of Early Childhood, Child Care and Development, Counseling and Guidance, Educational Psychology, Educational Leadership and Special Education. The department will promote life-long learning through professional development opportunities that include academies for educational leaders, online and hybrid courses, and continuing professional development for practitioners.  Programs will utilize a scholar-practitioner model that incorporates applied research and prepares students for doctoral studies.  Interdisciplinary collaboration will create synergistic learning communities that benefit from the specialized knowledge and skills of each program.  In addition, programs in the department will collaborate with school district personnel and community agencies to ensure stakeholder participation in program development and to meet the needs of the local and academic community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies is to prepare highly qualified professionals in the areas of Educational Leadership, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Child Care and Development, and Special Education.  Commonalities across the diverse programs are a focus on developing leaders with strong collaborative, advocacy, and support skills, in addition to emphases placed on ethical behavior, social awareness, and preparing professionals to enact changes in the workplace and their surrounding community.  The department is dedicated to meet the needs of the local and academic community and to prepare professionals to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Philosophy Statement

The Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies is committed to the developmental/educational advancement and mental/emotional health of children and adults of all ages, regardless of diversity of background.  We believe in providing bridges that span educational and psychological barriers to help individuals achieve their goals and meet their potential.  We value collaborative relationships that result in synergistic outcomes. We believe in a society that supports one another, but especially those who need the most support. We reject all manner of –isms, including racism and ableism.  We are dedicated to the higher ideals of equity and justice, in addition to a pedagogy of caring. And we value the diverse abilities, knowledge, and experiential base of all persons.

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