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Being a parent of a student at the Mathematics and Science Academy gives reassurance of your child’s higher educational needs. The following are some parent testimonials who believe MSA has changed their child’s lives. 

"MSA ignites the enthusiasm needed to strive for excellence. The environment and the staff provide these students with such ambition and direction. I wish I was 16 again so I could  be part of this amazing program!" ―​ Linda Lenz

“The Math and Science Academy is a school where students are placed in academically challenging situations and expected to rise to the standard. The environment at MSA harbors success by encouraging students to not only set their own goals, but surpass them, expanding their own boundaries farther than thought possible. Students grow and mature not only academically, but also as a young adult. MSA creates students with eager minds who learn to time-manage, prioritize and set realistic and achievable goals. Overall, the students of the Math and Science Academy learn to think and perform as a successful college student.” ― Heidi Gomez​

“The Mathematics and Science Academy helped my daughter to expand her wings.  She was challenged, guided, supported, and encouraged.  Upon graduation, she flew to Chicago, South Carolina, and is currently stationed at Japan, sailing the Asian coast. My Michelle is 21 years old, but she is confident, independent and is standing strong defending our country as a petty officer for the USA Navy. This all became possible with the foundations that the Mathematics and Science Academy built in her.” ― Anita Davila​

"Paving the path for our future leaders, reaching  further to reach best goals in life. Math and Science Academy points you in the direction  to those goals to secure your future.―​ Norma A. Reynoso
MSA parent and students
MSA parents share testimonials about the high school.

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