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3+3 early acceptance program

Student's interested in applying for one of the early acceptance programs listed should contact us or stop by Life Health Science Building (LHSB) 2.822, Biology Wing, for an appointment or to register as a pre-early acceptance student and ensure all requirements are met on time.

The 3+3 Early Acceptance Program for physical therapy targets undergraduate freshman. The 3+3 Program, in partnership with The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, is designed to allow motivated students to enter graduate school at the end of their undergraduate junior year. The 3+3 Program saves the student one year of study. For students interested in physical therapy, the 3+3 Program allows the student to enter the program without a master's degree. For all of the programs listed, the 3+3 Program is a conditional acceptance program: Students must complete the undergraduate requirements to maintain eligibility in the program. Applying for any early acceptance program will require dedication and commitment on the part of the student.

See Allied Health Track on the Pre-health Advising page to ensure you are following the correct course timeline.

Applicantion Criteria

  • UTB undergraduate freshman
  • Texas Resident with US Citizenship or permanent resident status
  • Complete minimum of 27 undergraduate credit hours
  • Complete (minimum) 20 shadowing hours
  • Shadowing must be under a licensed health care provider in the field of interest

See the Resources page for the shadowing documentation form.

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