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Graduate curriculum process

Guidelines for submission of new Graduate Programs, Course Proposals and Changes

Any additions, deletions and/or revisions to the graduate curriculum, including course changes, new programs, degrees, or majors  normally originate with the Department faculty and are routed through the Departmental Curriculum Committee and the Department Chair to the School/College Curriculum Committee and the School/College Dean. The Dean forwards recommended changes to the Office of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Committee, and to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval.   

New graduate degrees or programs will be forwarded by the Vice President for Academic Affairs to the UT System Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for approval. The proposal will then be forwarded by the UT System to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for review and action. See HOOP 7.6.3.

Table of Programs

At the beginning of the process for the creation of new graduate program, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Table of Programs to determine whether has planning authority for the degree program being proposed. If not, a Preliminary Request for Planning Authority will need to be submitted prior or concomitantly with the proposal for the degree.

Types of Substantive Change in some cases, a proposal for a new graduate degree might be categorized as a substantive change by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accrediting body.  UTB is required to notify SACSCOC of changes in accordance with the substantive change policy and, when required, seeks approval prior to the initiation of changes.  In these cases, the Dean of Graduate Studies will coordinate with the department and the appropriate dean regarding the substantive change procedure(s) and timeline that must be followed for notification to SACSCOC.

Curriculum Action Request or CAR Form

Curriculum Action Request or CAR Form

A Curriculum Action Request or CAR form is required in order to detail and route the creation of a new graduate course, a revision in a graduate course, or the deletion of a graduate course. 

Program Action Request or PAR Form

A Program Action Request or PAR form is required in order to summarize and route the creation of a new graduate degree program, a revision of a graduate degree program, or the deletion of a graduate degree program. 

New Program request Form for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

This Coordinating Board document must be completed in order to explain the rationale for the new degree, including the need and capability to deliver the graduate program. A complementary document, Standards for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs, explains the criteria pertaining to the request. If a new graduate degree program is being created, the PAR should be attached to this document.


Graduate Curriculum Review Process


The general process for implementation of any curriculum change is outlined below.  The timeframe for approval will vary depending on the nature of the change.  Minor changes in a graduate program and any request related to a graduate course can usually be made internally following two readings of the University Graduate Committee, which meets monthly.  New graduate degree proposals typically require several months of internal preparation and must be approved by the UT System and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, which might require a year or more (particularly for a doctoral degree) once the proposal leaves campus.

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