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Philosophy and Mission


The Learning Enrichment Center believes in a research-based, student-centered approach to scaffolding students to independent learning through engagement in critical thinking activities, self-reflection, and the use of technological resources, all provided within a safe, supportive learning environment.


Our mission is to provide a supportive learning environment in which students can strive for academic excellence, through the use of a variety of resources that promote active learning and encourage collaboration among the culturally diverse members of our academic community. In order to achieve this goal, we help students achieve academic success through our academic-support program offerings: student-centered peer tutoring; supplemental instruction, academic and test preparation workshops; online tutoring; and accessible tutoring labs.


  • Active learning
  • Student-centered learning
  • Scaffolding of instruction
  • Critical thinking
  • Independent learning
  • Collaborative learning
  • Safe and supportive learning environment

Where Students Strive for Academic Excellence

Students receiving tutoring Supporting your Learning
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