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Tutor Training and Certification

As a nationally certified College of Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) tutor-training center, Tutoring Services is the tutor-training center at UTB. Peer tutors must possess a high academic standing and exemplary faculty recommendations, as well as knowledge in the content areas, study skills, ethics, and tutoring strategies.

Peer tutors attend special-topic sessions at the onset of each semester and receive continuous on-the-job training from the Learning Instructional Specialists throughout the term. Tutors become adept at effectively assisting students, while building their own workplace competencies. Under the guidance of a mentor, they forge the foundations for success in their own professional development and future.

In addition, as members of the CRLA, the Learning Instructional Specialists engage in an open dialogs with student-oriented professionals who are active in reading, academic support services, developmental education, and tutorial services at the college level.  CRLA allows for the free exchange of ideas, methods and information to improve student learning and facilitate professional growth among its members.

CRLA also supports the Learning Enrichment Center via its International Tutor Program Certification (ITPC), which certifies more than 300 college and university tutorial programs in the United States and Canada.  ITPC provides recognition and positive reinforcement for tutors’ successful work from an international organization, CRLA.  Second, its certification process sets a standard of skills and training for tutors. ITPC has certified the Learning Enrichment to train tutors using its three-tiered system.


The Learning Enrichment Center successfully achieved CRLA tutor training recertification effective July 1, 2010 through October 31, 2015.

CRLA training usually takes place the week prior to the first class day of the fall and spring semesters.

Requirements for CRLA certification include:

  • A minimum of 10 hours of tutor training per semester for each tutoring level
  • 25 hours of actual tutoring per level
  • completion of special tutoring projects for Master Tutor candidates

Learning Enrichment offers tutors three levels of continuous CRLA tutor training:

Level 1: Certified Tutor (required)
Level 2: Advanced Certified Tutor
Level 3: Master Certified Tutor
Certification Requirements

Through its partnership with the CRLA, the Learning Enrichment Center provides the university community with the highest quality level of tutors.

UTB departments may request training for their tutors by contacting the Learning Enrichment Center's main office at 956-882-8208.

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