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Alumni Profile

Maria M. Guerrero, UTB Alumnus  

Robert Katusak
International Assembly, Inc. President.


• B.B.A. Engineering Business Administration (Texas A&I University, 1985)
• M.B.A. (University of Texas Brownsville, 1992)




How did UTB help you get where you are today?

“UTB gave me the tools needed to prepare the business plan to get International Assembly, Inc. (IAI) started in 1992. My graduation thesis was centered on relocating a company from Ohio to Matamoros, Mexico. The research done to complete the thesis was used in the process of relocating other companies' manufacturing operations to Mexico. Over the past 20 years IAI has helped over 30 companies begin operations in Mexico. My experience at UTB gave me the confidence to effectively communicate my ideas and plans to top level managers and executives .”

What is your fondest memory of your time at UTB?

“My fondest memories are of the friends made during my time at UTB.  We worked in teams spending many long hours at the library. ​Twenty years later I still run into other students that were engaged in the M.B.A. program.”

Advice for current students:

“My advice for current students is to work hard, dream big and don't be afraid for failure.  Learn from your mistakes, stay focused, success doesn't happen overnight. When success is achieved be thankful to the others who helped you along the way. Use your experience to help others and remember to give back to your community and university.”

Maria M. Guerrero, UTB Alumnus
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