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Endowments List

  • Judge and Mrs. Reynaldo G. Garza Scholarship Endowment
  • Johnny N. And Nena S. Cavazos Scholar Endowment
  • Lucila Pena Memorial Scholarship for Student Teachers

College of Liberal Arts Endowments

Mariaurora Arrese Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Breeden/McCumber Excellence Endowment

Jesus M. And Josefa T. Castellano Scholarship Endowment

Margarita De Luna Hinojosa Veteran's Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Endowed Music Scholarship for Guitar

Endowed Music Scholarship for Strings

Keith A. Ferguson Scholarship Endowment for Criminal Justice

Gerhard Gyrtz Scholarship in History

Barry T. Horn Endowment for the Arts

Peggy Huie Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Milo Kearney Scholarship Endowment for Students of History

Robert E. And Mary L. Mcnabb Endowment

Americo Paredes Endowment

Walter Pierce Study Abroad Endowment

Roberto Pulido Music Scholarship Endowment

Ben Reyna Endowed Scholarship

Oris Robertson Scholarship Endowment

Amador R. Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship for the Justice System

Serafy Foundation Endowment for Music

Dr. Laurence W. Siegle Excellence Endowment

Sjoerd Steunebrink Scholarship Endowment

George Truan Scholarship Endowment

Ragland-Vaughan Scholarship Endowment for Communication

The William Van Wilkinson and Greater Texas Foundation Scholarship Endowment for Criminal Justice

Jane Kelley Williamson Scholarship Endowment for Mariachi Education

James D. and Gloria Zellerbach Music Scholarship for Piano Performance

James D. and Gloria Zellerbach Music Scholarship for Vocal Performance

James D. Zellerbach Jr. Memorial Endowment for Music

College of Science, Mathematics & Technology Endowments

Raul A. Besteiro, Jr. and the Greater Texas Foundation Endowment

Dr. James A. and Mrs. Kay H. Broaddus Scholarship

Engineering Fellowship Endowment

Guettler/Guerra Fund

Charles W. Neefe, Sr. Scholarship Endowment for the Physical Sciences

Pizza Hut Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Marco A. Rubio-Ardila Scholarship Endowment

Fred W. And Frances H. Rusteberg Faculty Fellowship in Science and Technology

Manuel and Mildred Sanchez Student Endowment

Science Technology and Engineering Partnership for Success (STEPS) Endowment

Sidney V. Neely Mathematics Scholarship

Skanska USA Building Endowed Scholarship

Spawglass Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Olegario Vazquez Raña Faculty Fellowship in Science and Technology

College of Education Endowments

Johnny N. and Nena S. Cavazos Scholar Endowment

Johnny N. and Nena S. Cavazos Endowment for Elementary Education

Diverse Learners Professional Development Endowment

Lucila Peña Memorial Scholarship for Student Teachers

Society of Women for Excellence in the Education of Tomorrow Sweet Endowment

Neal and Lourdes Simmons Scholarship Endowment

Julie Gallaher Uhlhorn Endowed Scholarship

Tudor and Katherine Uhlhorn Endowed Scholarship for Education

School of Health Sciences Endowments

Roberta Marie Brown Nursing Scholarship Endowment

Mimi Freeth Scholarship for Nursing

Patty Gorges President's Scholar Endowment

Lower Rio Grande Valley Nursing Scholarship Fund

Philippine Nurses Association of Texas-Cameron County, Inc. Nursing Scholarship

SHS Secretarial Council Scholarship for Health Professionals

Thomas H. Sweeney, Jr. And Eloise Ely Sweeney Scholarship Endowment

Valley Diagnostic Medical Foundation Excellence Endowment

Marylin Dyer-Whelan Memorial Scholarship Endowment

School of Business Endowments

Bobby and Sandra Duffey President's Scholar Endowment

Bernice and Ruben Edelstein Dean's Scholar Endowment

Bobby and Robin Farris Endowed Scholarship

Frost/Forrest L. (Champ) Jones Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Jose Roberto Hinojosa Scholarship for Accounting Excellence

Lonnie and Ana Oquin Scholarship Endowment

Gloria M. Ridolfi Endowed Scholarship

Fred and Frances Rusteberg Endowed Scholarship for Business

Jack and Elizabeth Wiech Dean's Scholar Endowment

College of Applied Technology and General Studies Endowments

Irma Lozano Gawenda Scholarship Endowment

Poncho's Mexico Nuevo Restaurant Endowed Scholarship

Praxedis Orive, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment

South Texas Woodmill Drafting and Construction Endowment

University Wide Endowments

Arturo X. and Florestela L. Benavides Scholarship Endowment

Benazir Bhutto Scholarship Endowment

Marylyn Burns Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Guadalupe Cantu Star Award

Cañas-Cantu Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Renato E. Cardenas Scholarship Endowment

Morris Edelstein Endowment Scholarship

Yetta Edelstein Scholarship Endowment

Carlos A. and Virginia G. Estrada Scholarship Fund Endowment

David and Barbara Friedman Endowed Scholarship

Judge and Mrs. Reynaldo G. Garza Scholarship Endowment

H-E-B Scholarship Endowment

Darrell B. Hester Scholarship Endowment

International Students Scholarship Endowment Fund

JDS Construction Company, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

Keppel Amfels, Inc. Youth Scholarship Endowment

Lacks Stores Scholarship

Selden Leavell Endowed Scholarship

Leitch And Griffith Scholarship Endowment Fund

Terry Jay Phillips Scholarship Endowment

Ralph Ruby Scholarship Advancement

Rotary Club of Brownsville Sunrise and the Greater Texas Foundation Endowment

Jessie Cabler Rusteberg Dean's Scholar Endowment

Walter and Anabe Avey Schultz Scholarship Endowment

Scorpion Family Scholarship Endowment

Sierra Title Company of Cameron and Willacy Counties Endowed Scholarship

Tenneco Endowment for Scholarships

Texas Medical Alliance: Cameron and Willacy County Greater Texas Foundation Endowment

Trini and O.C. Mendenhall Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Jean Webb New Scholar Scholarship Endowment

Other Endowments

Academic Affairs Endowment for Staff Professional Development

Andrea and Bruce Butler Memorial Fund

Center for Civic Engagement Scholarship Endowment

Keppel Amfels, Inc. Chess Scholarship Endowment

The Kids Voting USA Brownsville Endowment

The UTB Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment

UTB Young Alumni and the Greater Texas Foundation Endowment

Houston Endowed Chairs

Houston Endowment Chair for Civic Engagement

Houston Endowment Chair in Education

Houston Endowment Chair in Science, Math and Technology


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